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This is an AU rp journal for the character of Dracula, based mostly on Bram Stoker's Dracula, the novel, and the Dracula series by Fred Saberhagen. Mun and muse are both over eighteen.


Dracula was born in 1431 to the prince of Wallachia, Vlad the second. He spent most of his childhood as a hostage to the Ottoman empire, for his father's loyalty. As an adult, he was continually at war with the Ottoman Empire, fighting for the Christian faith and to keep Wallachia a sovereign state. He converted from eastern Orthodox to Catholicism in 1475.

Dracula was killed in 1476 by traitors, but he didn't stay dead. Instead, he became a vampire.

In May of 1891, Jonathan Harker came to visit Dracula in his castle, on business purposes. Dracula had been secluded in his castle for centuries and was interested in rejoining the world and interacting with the human race. (Dracula does consider vampires a type of human being.) Sadly, due to mistakes on both sides, the visit did not go well. Dracula didn't understand the current standards of manners and politeness expected of an English gentleman. He thought Harker would ask him questions about any oddities that occurred, not understanding that, to Harker, such questions would be an invasion of his host's privacy. Dracula and Harker leave the castle and return to England, as chronicled in The Dracula Tape and the original novel.

Once he arrived in England, Dracula encountered Lucy Westenra, with whom he had a brief affair. As in The Dracula Tape, Lucy was brought to the edge of death by receiving blood transfusions that didn't match her blood type. She begged Dracula to help her, so he turned her into a vampire. Forgetting that a modern English girl would not have been raised in the superstitions and lore of his homeland, Dracula failed to guide her in her new life and she was killed by Van Helsing, a superstitious bigot.

Dracula later met Mina Harker and chose to appeal to her for help, when it became obvious that Van Helsing was turning the others into his enemies, setting them to hunt him. He told her what really happened and asked for her help. Dracula knew that if he killed his enemies, he would mark himself, creating believers in vampires who saw them only as a plague of evil.

They decided to fake Dracula's death, since Van Helsing will never stop, Seward trusted Van Helsing implicitly, and it would be cruel to convince Goldalming that he had killed his fiancee for no good reason. They arrange to have Jonathan strike the final blow, using metal. The ruse worked and the others were convinced that Dracula died.

Dracula remained friends with Mina. Their descendants know him by many names, some of them realizing he is a vampire named Dracula and others not. Many of them have called him uncle over the years. Dracula experienced the events in Fred Saberhagen's An Old Friend of the Family, almost exactly as they happened, except Granny Clare knew who she was calling for help and the family were familiar with Emile Corday, before the beginning of the novel.


Dracula is a supernatural being. He is inhumanly strong, normally having the strength of twenty to thirty strong men. He has some knowledge of magic. He can hypnotize almost anyone by staring into their eyes, though direct eye contact is necessary. With those he shares a blood bond with, he is capable of direct telepathy, even over vast distances. Dracula also has command over the weather. He is able to summon up mists, fogs, and storms and to ease them away. He can turn into mist himself, too, as well as taking animal forms, such as bat, rat, wolf, and dog. He can enter places through gaps too small for most insects.

Dracula is basically immortal. He can only be killed by a wooden stake being driven through his heart, being beheaded, or being burnt to death. Even then, he can be brought back to life, if the stake is removed and blood is applied to his remains. If Dracula doesn't feed on blood, he will grow old and weak, but he won't die. Eventually he will be unable to move, trapped in a hellish existence, until given blood.

As a vampire, Dracula needs to consume living blood, though it doesn't have to be human. However, he can maintain his current age and appearance, with only a few cupfuls a week...little enough that those he feeds from, usually multiple donors, won't feel the loss, if he is careful. In an AU departure from The Dracula Tape and possibly Stoker's Dracula, this muse is able to have sexual relations in they typical human sense. He's not impotent or limited to blood for such pleasures. Whether or not he can have children will be left in the air, depending on psl's and plots.

Weaknesses: Dracula can only be in sunlight, if he is well fed and well-rested. Direct, bright sunlight will always be uncomfortable for him, though not necessarily dangerous or deadly. To rest, he must sleep in or on his native soil, soil from the area of Wallachia, where he spent his breathing life. Without this rest, he will eventually die. Dracula is also vulnerable to wood and fire. In order to enter the domicile of another person, he must first receive an invitation. He also can not be seen in any reflective surface, so must be careful of mirrors and the like, if he wants to avoid detection.

Garlic and symbols of faith are not effective weapons against him. Dracula is perfectly capable of wearing a cross or attending a church, if he so chooses. He still considers himself a Catholic, regarding the sacraments and symbols with reverence.

Personality: Dracula is an honorable gentleman, but he can be very proud and ill-tempered. He is capable of both great kindness and great cruelty, depending on who he is dealing with. He prefers to be honest, though he will lie, if it's necessary for his safety or the safety of someone he loves. Once he makes a promise though, he tends to keep it, for good or ill. Dracula is highly intelligent and very well-educated. He's had centuries to devote to literature and study. He's a brilliant strategist, with much first hand experience of warfare and leading armies. He tends to be a bit private, though he yearns for contact with others. Dracula holds life, generally, in high regard, but won't hesitate to kill an enemy.

Aliases: Emile Corday, Matthew Corday, Matthew de Ville, Mr. Strangeways, Mr. Graves, etc.
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